Hole 18 Click Here for Hole flyover
The longest hole on the course. A drive down the left side, nearer the water, opens up the fairway for your second shot. The fairway pinches in the farther your second shot gets to the green. A receptive back to front sloping green sets up well for your short iron approach. Birdie is nice, but par is a good score.

Pro's Advice:
 The longest par 5 on the course is a test to the mental side of your game. A water hazard runs the entire length of the left hand side of the hole, and a drive to the right is blocked by tall pine trees. The best driving line is close to the water on the left to allow for the best angle to lay up. Be careful not to venture too far down left as the water hazard cuts into the fairway at 125 yards from the green. A two tiered green must be negotiated to give the best chance for a birdie. Par is a good score.
Men's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
C5590 10
NO.1 5 500 10
NO.2 5 479 10
NO.3 5 479 10
NO.4 5 444 10
NO.5 5 444 10

Women's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information