Hole 10
Long straight away par 5. The tee shot has a generous landing area and is guarded by a series of small fairway bunkers to the right. This is a 3-shot hole for most players and features an undulated fairway. Lay up shots are guarded by a large fairway bunker to the right and water to the extreme left. A players approach is to an elevated green sloping back to front with a severe slope if the green is missed to the right.

Pro's Advice: Long straight away hole doesn't start until you get to the green. Drive down the middle and avoid the bunkers right on the lay up. The green is elevated and slopes from the middle to the left and right edge. A deep bunker front left, a slope off to the right, back bunker, and a drop off to the right of the green all must be avoided or a bogey will result. A good shot favors the middle of the green even though it may leave a longer birdie putt. Birdie is great, but a par is a good score.
Men's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
NO.1 5 528 14
NO.2 5 507 14
NO.3 5 492 14
NO.4 5 428 14
NO.5 5 428 14

Women's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
 NO.6 5 383 8