Imperial Golf Club depends on all of its members to dress in an appropriate fashion. Adherence to the Dress Code applies to all members, their families, and guests. Members are required to be familiar with the Dress Code and are responsible for their family and guests, regardless of age.


(Golf Courses, Practice Range, and Putting Greens)

Golfers not appropriately attired will be asked to change before playing or denied registration for play by the Golf Shop staff. If you are in any doubt about the Dress Code appropriate attire, please check with the Golf Shop prior to arriving at IGC.

Men’s Appropriate Attire

Golf shirts with sleeves and collars. Long-sleeved mock turtlenecks. Men's shirts should be worn in the style for which they have been designed (tucked in vs. untucked).

Slacks or shorts of Bermuda length (No more than 4 inches above the knee).

Appropriate shoes for golf. (Non-metal spikes only).

Hats, caps and visors should be worn with the brim facing forward.

Ladies Appropriate Attire

Slacks and cropped pants. Skirts, skorts, and shorts of Bermuda length (No less than 16 inches outside measurable seam).

Golf specific blouses and shirts, which should be worn in the style for which they have been designed (tucked in vs. untucked).

Sleeve-less golf dresses and tops

Appropriate shoes for golf. (Non-metal spikes only) 

Inappropriate Golf Attire for Men and Women

Indiscreetly short skirts, short shorts, tennis or "cut-off" shorts.

Tank tops (tops with scoop front and plunging necklines), halter tops, tube/ spandex tops, fishnet tops, or T shirts, or sheer tops.

Denim clothing, workout clothing, clothing with offensive language or designs, ripped or torn clothing, belly baring shirts.


From time to time, the Board of Directors may approve Dress Code requirements and exceptions throughout the Clubhouse for special IGC events or occasions.

The Board has voted to relax our dress code in the Clubhouse. Instead of stipulating when Contemporary Dress is acceptable, we are going to trust our members and their guests to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort of fellow members when making casual-attire decisions. While we expect that members will use good taste and judgment, the Board has directed Club Management to discreetly review any inappropriate casual-attire decisions directly with the member to ensure that the Club maintains a casual environment that is enjoyable for everyone.

Contemporary Dress
Defined as “smart casual”, which may include denim jeans if properly sized and worn at waist height, in excellent condition and consistent in color. Appropriate denim jeans does not include denim with holes or rips, frayed material, excessively bell bottomed, cut-offs, denim shorts or mini-skirts, work-type denim, bibs, painter pants, or jeans that are worn extremely low-slung.


The Rookery, The Murphy Mills Room and The Crown Room

Lunch and Dinner: Golf attire, as defined in the Golf Dress Code, is acceptable at any time.

Contemporary Dress is appropriate.

Men's shirts should be worn in the style for which they have been designed (tucked in vs. untucked). Collared shirts are required for men. Mens collarless dress shirts with jackets are permitted but no t-shirts. 

Sleeveless, halter tops, and off the shoulder dresses or tops are allowed.

Sandals and flip-flops are permitted. Shoes with laces must be tied

Hats, caps, and visors are not to be worn in the clubhouse. Womens formal, non-sporting hats that match the outfit or the season are acceptable.

  • The Club will be responsible for repair or replacement of member property damaged while in the care, custody, and control of the Club. However, the Club will not be responsible for member property lost, missing or stolen.

  • No Member or guest shall have any right or action against the Club or any of its Officers, Directors or Members to recover losses or damage for injuries personal or otherwise to the person or property of such Member or to the servant or servants of such Member due to negligence of any of the Club's Officers, Directors or employees.

  • Acceptance or continuance of membership by any Member shall so far as permitted by law be a waiver and surrender by such Member of any such right or action. 
 Overnight parking of vehicles in the Club parking lots is allowed only between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. and only with the prior approval of the Club manager. 
 Cell phone users must set their ringers in the off, mute or vibrate position when in the dining room or bar/lounge area and the golf course or practice area. Cell phone use is not permitted in the dining room, bar/lounge area or entry foyer. Members are responsible for assuring their guest's compliance with the Club's position on cell phone use.